The terms and conditions for campers are given below.


  • Tents cannot be shifted from one place to another once placed.
  • Late check-in is allowed.
  • Campers will be responsible for any damage done to campsite property.
  • Stay in the campus premises only
  • Do NOT go in the restricted areas
  • Keep the campsite premises clean, neat and hygienic
  • Do not eat food or snacks inside the tent. Keep the tent clean.
  • Weapons, sharp items or any inflammable items are restricted on the campsite.
  • Please do not take any of the campsite belongings along with you.
  • Take care of your valuables (phones, cameras, laptops etc). The campsite does not take
    responsibility for loss of any items.
  • Please take off your shoes before entering the tent at all times.
  • Strictly NO USE OF DRUGS in any kind or any form in the campsite premises.
  • No refund if the booking is confirmed.


  • Please be polite with staff & other guests.
  • If any natural disaster or government restrictions take place we will try our best for you.
  • Our team will provide you with proper assistance for the activities carried out. During any activity any small injury takes place we will provide you with a First Aid Kit.
  • Participation of guests is voluntary if any accident, injury, damage or loss of expensive goods we will not be responsible for any cause.
  • We do not offer any storage or sort facilities if you leave your products or property on the campsite or inside the tent we will not be responsible for any cause.
  • Music player must be kept in medium volume level.

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